Reliable Results

“It always seems impossible until it’s done.”

Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela (1918 – 2013) the first president of South Africa

The key to achieving reliable results is the successful implementation of the well-designed strategy and recommendations. However, even when the directions for implementing changes are clear, delivering the change can be challenging, as existing resources may not have the skills / experience required to manage projects effectively, or simply don’t have the time to run a project and remain on top of their business-as-usual work.

We at P&A Consultants can provide a short to medium term contracting service to address this requirement.

1. Project Manager

It’s often a challenge to implement new processes or to launch a new project across the company or its departments. Lack of internal resources and wish to mitigate project delivery risks are critical concerns of the management.

We at P&A Consultants help companies to manage the process, acting as the problem-solvers and overall project overseers, taking full ownership of the project management and execution. We assist internal project teams of our clients in defining the task list, milestones and the project plan, in setting up the project management structure, in monitoring the progress and in coordinating project activities and their implementation as well as in meeting project deadlines, budgets and quality expectations.

We help you to leverage the full diversity of talent to deliver better outcomes for your clients, stakeholders and customers.
2. Contractual Services

Our Contractual Services can provide appropriate resources for specific short to medium term engagements. We can perform a specific role on a strategic project, or simply to plug a gap while you find the correct person to join your business.

3. Change Management

Your most important asset is your staff, and strategic changes might be very unsettling for them.

That is why every strategic change needs to be accompanied by a change management plan that will aim to support your people through the change and ultimately contribute towards the success of the project.

How we can help?
We at P&A Consultants assess current operations and identify gaps or levers for acceleration and improvement. Then, we design an approach to drive the right projects to achieve the strategic goals.
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