Property Management

We are dedicated to providing comprehensive property management services tailored to the needs of owners across a variety of property types.

With a focus on stewardship and compassionate tenant administration, we handle everything from condominiums to single-family homes, apartment complexes, and commercial office/retail spaces throughout Limassol.

We understand behind every transaction is a person who has a unique story and needs. We make it our business to ensure property owners meet their goals while providing homes, offices, and other rental property to tenants in the local area.

We provide client focused, service oriented and results driven management.

Our focus is providing optimum rental rates while keeping repair costs low in order to increase property value.

Our Aim

Our aim is to provide the highest level of service to our clients.
We achieve this by ensuring that our clients receive a personalised and professional approach and by adopting leading practice standards within the organisation.

Our core values include integrity, high professional standards and confidentiality.

“To us, “Property Management” not only includes the basic operation, control and oversight of real estate assets but it also means: developing strategies and taking actions to maximize property values and investment returns “

Our Mission

Our primary goal is to maximize cash flow for property owners while ensuring their peace of mind. We achieve this through a range of services designed to streamline operations and protect investments:

Property Management is not just our business - it is a relationship between us, our owner-clients and our tenant-residents. If these are important to you, then we may be a good fit to provide you, your property, and your tenant-resident

The services that the Company provides to the property owners, among others, are the following:


At P&A, we recognize the challenges associated with rent collection, and to overcome them we have established an efficient and straightforward process for rent collection. This allows you to dedicate your time to other essential aspects of property management.


We pay all bills associated with the property at the Owner’s direction on time and such information is compiled for owners to review at any time they desire. Our property managers adhere to strict standards of review when hiring & reviewing a vendor’s work.


Outside of responsiveness and organization, we thoroughly screen all of the vendors we work with to ensure your property is getting the best possible repair and/or maintenance work for the best possible price.

We use vendors that provide quality service at affordable prices. If you have a vendor you’d prefer, we’re always happy to coordinate repairs with them.


We schedule frequent visits to every property in our portfolio. Our inspection visits provide unbeatable peace of mind and help us catch problems early on.


After a tenant notifies us of their intent to move, we reply by scheduling a pre-move out inspection and we send them a Move Out Notification, which states the expectations regarding the condition of the property.


We will handle the entire make-ready process on your behalf to ensure your property attracts high-quality residents and rents quickly.


Running a property is no different than running a business.

Monthly and year-end statements are sent showing all the activity on your account to keep you well informed.

How we can help?
With us as your property manager, you won’t feel like just another number on some impersonal balance sheet — instead, you’ll get the individual attention and care that only a smaller company can provide.
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