Corporate Services

“Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships.”

Michael Jeffrey Jordan, former professional basketball player

As an Administrative Services Provider Group, regulated by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (License No. 68/196), we at P&A Consultants assist businesses and corporations worldwide in the following areas:

1. Fiduciary

Incorporating a company in another jurisdiction can be a tricky task. Our experienced team of consultants evaluates each client needs on a case by case basis so that the right corporate structure is designed. We then undertake all aspects of incorporating the corporate entities and forming the group, if applicable, including liaising with all government authorities as well as provide ongoing support.

We undertake the companies registration procedure which includes the following:

  • Assess the client business needs and design the corporate structure;
  • Obtain approval for relevant company names from the Registrar of Companies;
  • Advise on the share capital structure of each company according to its operations;
  • Draft the Memorandum and Articles of Association of each company according to its operations;
  • Prepare and submit the relevant forms and documentation to the Registrar of Companies to incorporate the entities;

In addition, depending on the client needs for preservation of confidentiality, convenience, practical or other reasons, we provide the following ongoing services upon request by the client:

  • Provision of directors
  • Provision of nominee shareholders
2. Company Secretarial

We provide corporate secretarial services in accordance with the relevant procedures and regulations in each jurisdiction as well as maintain the companies’ statutory obligations in order.

We also undertake to provide support to our clients for compliance with their statutory obligations including the following:

  • Provision of a company secretary;
  • Provision of a registered office address;
  • Maintenance of the statutory records of a company and ensuring that the company complies with its legal requirements such as filing to the Registrar of Companies the Annual Return;
  • Notifying the Registrar of Companies about changes in the details of a company together with any allotment of new shares and requesting for certificates in compliance with the relevant legislation;
  • Organising for the convening of the Directors’ and Shareholders’ meetings;
  • Preparing the minutes of Directors’ and Shareholders’ meetings.
We help you to develop and implement operating models that deliver on your strategic intent and lift your performance.
3. Corporate Administration

Business managers need to devote their time and attention to value-adding activities within the company. We perform all kinds of non-core corporate administration such as cash flow management, administration of banking activities, regulatory and tax filings as well as all aspects of the accounting function.

Our team can work closely with our clients in order to ensure that the day to day administrative tasks are carried out efficiently, timely and in a professional way, allowing management to focus more on the core areas of the business. Our corporate administration services include:

  • Opening and operating bank accounts with any of the local and international banks;
  • Managing bank accounts and transactions and acting as signatory;
  • Maintaining the accounting records of the company and book keeping;
  • Assisting the company’s auditors during the annual audit;
  • Administering the company’s invoices;
  • Preparing and submitting the VAT returns.
How we can help?
We can:
  • Identify the opportunities;
  • Combine it with a powerful change management capability to ensure their delivery;
  • Help companies how to improve their processes.
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